JEM: Breast cancer may enhance cancer progression by recruiting bone marrow-derived cells

In a recent study published in the international journal Journal of Experimental Medicine, scientists from Tel Aviv University found that breast tumors may increase the growth of breast cancer cells by recruiting stromal cells that form in the bone marrow. The findings suggest that recruiting bone marrow-derived fibroblasts may reduce survival in breast cancer patients, and targeting these cells may be promising new therapies for breast cancer.

2020-05-22 11:30:00

Nat Commun:A mobile phone-based device can detect HIV-1 with just one drop of blood

Human immunodeficiency virus HIV-1 weakens the body's immune system by attacking healthy immune cells, leading to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS, commonly known as AIDS). Control of HIV-1 remains a major global health challenge in developing countries that lack infrastructure and trained medical professionals. Traditional HIV-1 virus surveillance methods are more expensive and require the use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Furthermore, early detection of HIV-1 is key to preventing disease progression and transmission, but it requires long-term monitoring, which may be a burden for families who have to go to a clinic or hospital.

2020-05-17 10:29:00

Nature: Sensitive tumour detection and classification using plasma cell-free DNA methylomes

Cancer is an important disease that threatens human health, and the early screening of cancer is of great significance to the prevention and treatment of cancer. Here we introduce a new method for sequencing the cancer's early screening and differentiation, published in Nature, is titled Sensitive tumor detection and classification using plasma cell-free DNA methylmes.

2020-05-10 12:26:00

Uni-science Successfully Participated in the 2018 15th CACLP Expo

On March 17,2018, the industry event of in vitro diagnosis, the 15th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP), opened in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing.

2020-05-05 16:19:00

Uni-science Will Exhibit at the 16th CACLP

Wuhan Uni-science is invited to exhibit at CACLP 2019, which will be held in Nanchang, China. The 16th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP), an annual in vitro diagnostic event with professional, scale and influence, will be held in Nanchang Greenlad Expo Center from March 22 to 24, 2019.

2019-01-23 16:24:00