DENV Antigen (NS1) Test Kit (Colloidal gold Assay)

Infectious Diseases
Product Features

Applicable to the test of Serum,Plasma,Whole blood samples

Result available in 10 minutes

Test could be performed at any time

Cat. No.
Test Item
DENV Antigen
1T/kit,4 T/kit,5 T/kit,10 T/kit,20 T/kit, 25T/kit,40 T/kit, 100 T/kit
Serum,Plasma,Whole blood
Reaction time
10 min
Intended Use

This product is used for qualitative detection of DENV Antigen (NS1)content in human serum, plasma or whole blood samples

Storage & Stability

The test reagent can be stored for 18 months at 4℃~30℃, and used within 1 hour after the aluminum foil bag of the test reagent was opened. The production date and expiration date are on the label.